Academic Action

The taking of action to achieve the goals of SDGs must center on the people of younger generations, who carry the future on their shoulders. In this respect, universities and business schools play a major role, and there has been a growing trend among educational institutions around the world to adopt SDGs. Universities are invited to take part in achieving SDGs through the providing of learning opportunities and collaborative research, materials and the actions of faculty and students themselves.
SDGsの目標達成に向けて行動を促す中心は、将来を担う若い世代です。 そのために、大学やビジネススクールの役割はとても大きく、世界でもSDGsを教室に届ける動きがでてきています。 大学内における学習機会や協働的な研究、教材、教師や生徒自身のSDGsアクションを発信していきませんか?